Winter Container Workshop-   Bring along a container, one that can stay outside over the winter and create a beautiful arrangement that will last into early spring.  We will be decorating with an assortment of mixed greens, winterberry, branches, dried hydrangea and other natural materials. 

$45.00 12/2/17- Saturday at 9:30 a.m.


Holiday Wreath Decorating Workshop- We will start with a fresh plain 22”-24” wreath and let your imagination go wild.  Add winterberry, pinecones, a bow and other natural materials for the holiday season. $40.00 12/2/17- Saturday at 2:00pm.

Private Workshops for groups of 4 to 8 people are available day or evening on the following dates.  November 28th thru December 15th. 

Call Marie at 610-409-0535 or go to the contact page to ask questions and to sign up.

These workshops are set up for small groups so you can expect to receive as much or as little help as you would like. If you are a beginner crafter or an expert designer, these workshops are about having fun and leaving with something that is uniquely yours!


Containers can be purchased at Marie’s Garden. Call for details and current inventory.